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Can I Pay For A Small Sex Doll With Paypal?

There are so many people who ask us before as following. Can I use PayPal as a payment method? How about the Payment? Can I pay with Paypal? I was wondering if you accept PayPal or not? I didn’t see it as an option. …… Yes, you can pay via Paypal if you are willing to bear the Paypal handling fees. It equals 4.4% + 0.3 +35 USD. Your order will be arranged for production as soon as possible after your payment got. And we will send you its real photos when it finished before shipping. Firstly send us an email about the doll details for production and delivery address for shipping. The delivery address includes full name, Phone number, detailed address, postcode. We will write to PayPal to protect you. Then we will tell you my email address which is registered at Paypal. Kindly note that to protecting our PayPal account, please DON’T write any “sex” or any adult words in the Paypal bill. Otherwise, your Paypal invoice will say the payment went to us for paying for a flat-chested sex doll. Oh no, that is terrible, right? Also note, if you don’t want your partner or family to find out dolls are your simple pleasure in your age, it is better to use a different email from the email you use to buy dolls.  Let’s talk more about the Paypal payment. As we all know, Paypal is very famous in the USA and used extensively in small amounts of

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Which payment methods can I use for my small sex doll?

Welcome to visit our new website, which is able to use Western Union(best to us), bank transfer, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The details about these payment methods as following 1 Western Union Details of the Receiver:choose to fill in the following information(Not all information must be filled in): Receiver’s first name: JIAZHIReceiver’s last name: QIUStreet address: 2020 ZhongwuCity: ShenzhenProvince: GuangdongCountry: ChinaPostal Code: 518000Code: 86(CN)Phone number:18565677848Bank Name: Postal Savings Bank of ChinaBank Number: 6221805840002491936Routing(SWIFT Code): PSBCCNBJ —————————————————1. log in to the official website of Western Union, and complete the payment by the following information step by step.  It is very easy to do, attached is the screenshot of the operation interface for reference. 2. There are some payment combinations when you transfer money to China with Western Union, and we recommend the “Cash pick up – Bank account” method(fewer handle fees for us). (Of course, to avoid these handing fees or for reduced fees, you can also try to use other payment methods, such as the “Bank Account – Bank Account” method. Anyhow, just need to choose the method that’s best for you. ) 3. After payment, kindly send a screenshot or photos of receipts  (Transfer Control Number (MTCN), sender name, amount) to [email protected] I will reply to you after your payment got and arrange the production as soon as possible. If there any questions during the payment process, feel free to contact me for confirmation. It is my pleasure to assist you.   2 Bank transfer In order to facilitate local bank transfers for customers in the target markets, our euro collection account is located in Lithuania, Europe, and the US dollar collection account is located in Chicago, USA (if necessary

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